The Ranches

Happy N Ranch consists of 103 acres with state of art equine facilities designed for maximum health and safety of our horses. The pastures range in size from 1 to 4 acres and are seeded with a blend of 4 types of grass seeds. The pastures are permanent and stay green year round. All stalls have corrals, making them “in & outs”. The stall/corral total measurement is 12’ x 28’. The flooring in the stalls is cement with drains in the center all covered with rubber mats, allowing us to maintain a high degree of cleanliness and dryness. The corrals attached to the stalls are made with heavy gauge 1 7/8ths galvanized steel and are classified as “stud panels”, maximizing safety between the horses. The outdoor corrals are also constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel (stud panels), measure 12’ x 24’or 24’ x 24’ and have shelters. There are tie posts and hitch rails at every pasture so the horses do not have to be taken too far away from their friends when the farrier or vet comes by, thus minimizing their stress. We emphasize a quiet daily routine for all of our guests.

River N Ranch consists of 63 irrigated acres that is fenced and cross fenced, large paddock areas and shelters. The pastures range in size from 4 to 8 acres each. Currently we are developing this ranch into an equestrian center and expanding our retirement and lay up options. It is located at 750 East Hwy 246, Solvang, and is kitty corner to Happy N Ranch via the Santa Ynez River.

Happy N Ranch
Happy N Ranch


Happy N Ranch is a full care equine facility that will customize a program to best benefit your horse’s needs. Retired horses are introduced slowly to their new “herd” to maximize safety and lower stress. The 4 acre pastures will generally have 8 to 10 horses per pasture. Each 4 acre pasture has 2 shelters. Horses that are expected to go back to work or just need a little rest and relaxation, are generally kept in a stall or corral and turned out to pasture daily. For the horse that needs to stay in shape, needs conditioning or is in rehabilitation, we offer a 68 foot covered Eurociser and will customize a program for your horse. The horses are seen multiple times per day, every day by staff. In addition cameras are also present to maintain a watchful eye on the horses and the facilities. General board includes: Alfalfa twice daily, equine senior, regular grooming (including fly spray) and blanketing if necessary. There is no extra charge to add medications or vitamins to the feed. Grass Hay is available at an extra fee. Happy N Ranch emphasizes a quiet daily routine for all of our equine friends.


The horses at both ranches are wormed every 3 months. Vaccinations are given annually unless otherwise requested by owner or vet. Vaccinations generally consist of 5-way and West Nile Virus.. A copy of health care records should accompany the horse upon their arrival or be sent prior. We will use any veterinarian requested by the owner/trainer however our mainstays are Dr. Ben Bramsen and Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center. Both offer outstanding equine health care. The farrier comes out weekly and all horses are on a schedule. The teams at Happy N Ranch and River N Ranch work together to insure that your horse receives the best possible care while staying with us.

Happy N Ranch

Our Rates Price List per month:

  • Group Pasture $650.00

  • In and Out stall $1,000.00

  • 24 x 24 Covered Corral $775.00

  • 24 x 12 Covered Corral $700.00

  • Eurociser $ 20/session

  • Grass hay only plus $ 70.00

  • Bathing $ 25.00/bath

  • Blanketing $ 30.00

  • Flymask $ 30.00

  • ½ Grass hay plus $ 35.00

  • Hand walking or lunging $ 25.00/session

  • Additional grooming $ 10.00/groom

  • Daily Med Administration $30.00